Syncweb — a Certified Hosting for Bitrix

In continuing our cooperation with Bitrix, we expand the list of our competences. And today, we are pleased to announce that we have received two levels of partnership competences, namely: “Certified Hosting” and “Recommended Hosting”.

The “Certified Hosting” competence means that the company's tariffs fully comply with Bitrix specifications, and have everything necessary for the correct installation and operation of the “1C-Bitrix: Site Manager” system.

The “Recommended Hosting” competence means that the declared tariffs also have high performance.

It should be noted that obtaining the “Certified Hosting” and “Recommended Hosting” competences means not only properly configured equipment, but also the presence of Syncweb certified specialists who can provide competent technical support to clients, who use “1C-Bitrix: Site Manager" systems.

In order to fully comply with these competencies, we have created a special line of hosting tariffs for the “1C-Bitrix: Site Manager” system, which has optimal configuration and is suitable for hosting even the most demanding projects. By hosting your site on Syncweb servers, you always get maximum performance and competent support.

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