Syncweb has received new 1C-Bitrix certificates

Viktor Soprunov, one of our employees responsible for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of 1C-Bitrix software products, expanded his competence and received two new certificates, namely:

Сертификат Интеграция с 1С

«1C-Bitrix: Site Manager» - Integration with 1C. Certificate number - LRN-299502-131-138-640091.

This course provides the necessary competencies to install the exchange module in accordance with 1C versions and editions; configure the exchange module parameters; manage the exchanged content; exchange documents; diagnose integration problems; and work with system tools.

Сертификат Многосайтовость Битрикс

«1C-Bitrix: Site Manager» - Multisite. Certificate number - LRN-299500-103-233-640091.

Multisite is a feature of the «1C-Bitrix: Site manager», which allows to manage different sites from a single control panel. For multisite operation on different domains, you need to configure the software product, configure the Apache web server, and so on.

These certificates, in addition to the existing ones, which can be found here, confirm that our specialists have all the necessary competencies and experience in the development and implementation of projects for large commercial and state customers. Complex projects mean large-scale, highly loaded web resources and services: online stores, corporate websites of large enterprises, b2b platforms, etc. 1C-Bitrix recommends that you contact partners certified in this area for the delivery and implementation of enterprise products.

Moreover, we have statuses of "Hosting Competence" and "Recommended Hosting Partner", which allow us to provide all the services "from a single desk", and that is a definite advantage for the customer.

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