Syncweb is a certified hosting partner of OkayCMS

We continue our work with developers of various CMS systems for certification our company as a reliable hosting partner. And today we are pleased to announce that the OkayCMS has become our new partner.

OkayCMS is a system created specifically for online stores. No extra functionality, only the most useful features for ecommerce websites:

  • Rich SEO functional;
  • Different languages and currencies;
  • Import/Export in multiple formats for fast filling of your store;
  • Simple but functional admin panel: change of design, connection of scripts, technical support;
  • Open source and marketplace for more uasbility.

Testing has confirmed that Syncweb meets all the requirements of OkayCMS to work correctly, and also we got the status of an official hosting partner.

Thus, all our clients can be fully confident that OkayCMS is working properly on all Syncweb servers.