Syncweb is a certified hosting partner of UMI.CMS

We have successfully passed tests of UMI.CMS certification program, which ranks hosting providers according to three criteria:

  • Recommended hosting providers. Providers that are already configured and meet the requirements of UMI.CMS. No additional action required.
  • Compatible hosting providers for UMI.CMS. Hosting providers, where users usually faced with some common problems. However, on a technical side, these hosting providers continue to meet the requirements of UMI.CMS.
  • Not recommended hosting providers. Violation of system requirements imposed by UMI.CMS. UMI.CMS employees do not provide support for users hosted on these hosts.

This certification program is created specifically to facilitate your choice of hosting provider. And in order to avoid disappointment after choosing a CMS and hosting provider, you must choose from the list of «Recommended hosting providers»

According to the results of certification tests conducted by UMI.CMS employees, our servers showed excellent performance, which ensured us a place in the list of «Recommended hosting providers».