Syncweb is official Business Partner of 1C-Bitrix

SyncWeb hosting provider has become the official Business Partner of 1C-Bitrix - developer of the popular industrial CMS. From this moment you can purchase 1C products from us. Moreover, this status confirms that we have enough experience to provide professional hosting services for 1C-Bitrix.

About companies

«1C-Bitrix» is a Russian CMS developer company. The software products focused on corporate websites, online stores, social networks, etc. The CMS system called «Bitrix» is considered one of the most popular and common in Russian part of the Internet.

«1C-Bitrix» is a system that meets the most modern requirements and differs from other CMS with increased reliability and excellent functionality. «1C-Bitrix» provides the ability to create a site from scratch to inexperienced users and offers a huge number of ready-made solutions that allows you to create absolutely any type of site, starting from a personal page and ending with an online store or information portal.

Syncweb - is a big Russian hosting company. First of all, we are focused on corporate clients, who wants to be confident in the availability of their resources. We do not save on hardware and don't using desktop equipment or low-end server (entry level).