Syncweb launches sales of SSL-certificates

SyncWeb launches sales of SSL certificates. We are working with most famous organizations that issue SSL certificates, such as: Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec, and Thawte. The status of premium partner, allows us to offer low prices for all our clients.

Benefits of using SSL certificates:

  • Authenticity guarantee. SSL certificate proves that a visited site belongs exact to your company.
  • Ensures the integrity of a transmitted data, because it cannot be replaced when you are using an encryption protocol.
  • Ensures the secrecy of a transmitted data, and attackers can't see a transmitted data.

SyncWeb allows you to get a free Comodo Trial SSL certificate for 90 days, and also a free RapidSSL Trial certificate for 30 days. Using these certificates, you can test it on your technical infrastructure before purchasing a commercial SSL certificate.

It's worth to note that search engines change the rules for ranking sites accorting to SSL sertifiates & ndash; now if your website is using HTTPS connection it will be higher in search results than a similar site without HTTPS. Google believes that website owners who care about security of their users' data should have an advantage in ranking.