Syncweb: The Recommended Hosting Partner by 1C-Bitrix

Once again, we have successfully undergone a regular performance audit by 1C-Bitrix, reaffirming our hosting partner competence.

Let's briefly delve into these competencies:

“Certified Hosting" is a foundational competency that signifies our tariffs meet all necessary requirements and are optimized for websites running on the 1C-Bitrix platform.

Unlike “Certified Hosting”, “Recommended Hosting” adheres to more stringent requirements. This signifies that our tariffs not only meet all necessary criteria but also ensure stable and high performance for websites.

Moreover, these competencies confirm that we have undergone scrutiny as a hosting provider, ensuring we can provide professional support to our clients.

Why Performance Audits Matter

This certification program, developed by 1C-Bitrix, aims to verify and maintain an updated list of recommended hosting providers.

As a client, this assists you in selecting hosting based on your criteria such as price, tariff, and server performance.

You can find the list of recommended hosting partners, including us, here.

Inside the Performance Audit: Unveiling the Process

To attain the “Recommended Hosting” competency, we undergo a bi-annual audit with 1C-Bitrix. This audit rigorously assesses our tariff lineup against set standards to ensure the stable and reliable operation of websites.

During the audit, we assess tariff performance based on the following:

1. 1. Verification of hosting settings and configurations against recommendations and standards is conducted using a server testing script.

2. The audit assesses server configuration (parrots) using Bitrix tools, with a minimum threshold of 20 points. This test gauges overall system performance, including processor power, database efficiency, file system speed, and more.

3. We conduct scalability testing using load testing tools to evaluate the system's ability to scale. This test reveals site performance and speed under heavy loads.

Navigating the Performance Audit Process

As of now, we offer three distinct tariffs:

  • Bitrix Start: Ideal for small projects and launching your website.
  • Bitrix Business: Suitable for most portals and online stores.
  • Bitrix Enterprise: Optimal choice for substantial projects.

Bitrix Start


Bitrix Business


Bitrix Enterprise


After choosing a tariff, easily expand your server with more RAM and disk space. Also, get the ISPmanager 6 panel for hassle-free server administration – no specialist required.

Explore the current pricing and features of our Bitrix tariffs by following this link. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

Certification Compliance

Get high-speed website performance, improved security, and enhanced business stability with our Bitrix hosting. Need help or considering a move from another host? Reach out to us.

We have a partnership with 1C-Bitrix. With 5 years of experience in creating and configuring Bitrix websites, we offer our clients qualified consultations with this CMS.