Syncweb VPS is available for everyone

Today, February 24, we launched our new service - VPS on KVM technology!

Preparation for this day took us several months of testing, carefully checking all the functionality! Today VPS service is available for ordering to all of our clients.

KVM is one of the new virtualization technologies, which makes possible to install several virtual private servers on a physical dedicated server. The main advantage of this virtualization system is the creation of VPS with different operating systems.

Our VPS includes four tariffs with optimal configurations, which meets a high requirements of our customers. And also our prices are among the lowest on the market.

Ordering our VPS server, you'll get all advantages of a physical dedicated server without extra costs:

  • full root access to a system;
  • installation of any server software within a VPS physical resources;
  • Our VPS user gets all the resources and capacities that he is supposed to get;
  • complete independence from other VPS customers;
  • possibility of archival copying of the entire system as a single snapshot.