All Syncweb servers have guaranteed 1000 Mbps connection

We have increased the guaranteed connection speed in 5 times! Previously, the speed of our channels was 200 Mbit/s, and now it is 1000 Mbit/s. New channels provide maximum comfort when working with your website, and your visitors will be guaranteed an instant response. At the same time, Internet traffic for users remains unlimited.

We have tested our customers who's using a shared hosting service for the site loading speed before switching servers to the 1000 Mbit/s channel, and after that. On average, the loading time was decreased by 25-30%. Given that the speed of loading is directly leads to increasing of views, and income from a separate page, or a whole website is also increasing. Moreover, a loading speed directly affects on a website ranking. The higher website loading speed, the higher its position in search results.