We Accept Cards of the Russian National Payment System Mir

Only great news in December, friends!

We have started accepting cards of the Russian National Payment System MIR via the payment services ROBOKASSA and Yandex.Checkout.

We have been closely monitoring the development of the payment system since the first card issue was announced. Now we can say with confidence that everything worked out. Already the 41st participating bank issues cards of the national payment system MIR, and 89 participating banks provide service for these cards. The figures speak for themselves, credit and financial institutions are increasingly connected to the payment system, and the number of cardholders is growing every day.

From now on, our hosting accepts MIR payment cards, along with cards of other payment systems. Of course, a thorough testing was carried out. MIR card acceptance already works in our billing system: no additional actions are required from you. Just make payment for services in the usual way, as you do with VISA and MasterCard cards.

We always try to keep up with modern trends, and now our opportunities in the field of payment acceptance are broader!