Syncweb Created a Website for the Forced Draft Units Production Plant

«If your business is not on the internet, you are not in the business». This quote by Bill Gates has long been reflective of the facts of life. However, nowadays it is not enough to have a website, it has to be descriptive to the highest extent possible, user-friendly, mirrored in English and have the feedback function. This is a task that Syncweb company took on at the request of the Krasnogvardeisky Machine-building Plant (KMZ).

We decided to create website on the 1C Bitrix platform, and intec.prom was selected as the ready-made solution: it is «tooled» for the production plants, has many variants of execution, has an extensive system for customization of all elements and the capacity for dynamic editing of units on a page without involving a programmer.

To satisfy all the needs of the customer, the solution had to be improved. For example, the structure of the website was modified, the excess information units were deleted, the catalogue, ordering and the users’ authorization functionality were disabled, the demo data of the website and the information of the ready-made solution were deleted. All units of the website were laid out using the bootstrap styles, the library of which was linked to the new version of

KMZ produces the forced draft units for the customers from various industries: chemical, metallurgical, oil, etc. Each of them has specific features and needs so that the task of the specialists of Syncweb was to reflect them on the website. The pages and templates showing the services were developed, and also considerable improvements enabling the display of a large picture at the header of the website as well as on the main page were made. In addition, the user can see below the brief information on the needed industry with a relevant picture beside it.

The last stage of work was to create the English version of the website, and we decided to make it in the form of the subsection titled en. The ready-made solution did not provide such an option, so all control elements and information units were translated into English during the adaptation, the forms of communication for the English readership were configured, the units displayed on the English version of were reconfigured.

The template of the website was adapted in a way that the changes made by the programmer take place on both versions at a time made, but the contents and configuration of the units on the main page remain unique for each website. So, in the future, they can be made in different styles and designs.

KMZ Website in Our Portfolio